THE UNTOLD STORY – John 3:1-15

nicodemusWhat do we know about Nicodemus? This man Nicodemus was a ruler of the Jews (v. 1), in a group that we know as the Sanhedrin. They potentially consisted of 70-72 men who made judgments concerning disputes, law-breaking, and questions. Nicodemus was the ruler of the group! We also know, for better or for worse, that Nicodemus came to Jesus by night (v. 2). Some could argue that Nicodemus was afraid for his life because of his position as ruler and implied belief in Jesus. Others could argue that Nicodemus was weak in faith because he chose to shroud his meeting with Jesus in darkness rather than be exposed by the light. Either way, we know that he came to Jesus asking about Jesus’ teachings and signs (v. 2), and this took courage.

What do we not know about Nicodemus? The rest of the story. The story of Nicodemus’ life leaves us wanting more. Did he become faithful to God? Does he reject God and refuse the salvation offered to him? He seemed to be so close. You may be like me and want to believe that Nicodemus was on the edge about becoming a disciple of Christ and left his encounter with Jesus wanting more. All we can know for sure is that the rest of his story is left untold.

What will your story tell us? Nicodemus’s story is set in stone and only God knows his eternal destination. However, unlike Nicodemus, your story is still being written. You still have a chance to finish your story in a way that will not leave God wanting more. What God wants from you is complete love (Matthew 22:37). Do not attempt to cover your faith and trust in God with darkness and secrecy. Stand up and stand out! Then, when an individual is completely in love with God obedience follows (Luke 9:23-24). As you write your story in this life, do so in a way that tells others obeying God is the only way to hope, security, and peace. Ultimately, it’s up to you. What will be the rest of your story?  – Austin Johnson Calvert City church of Christ Calvert City, KY

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