Open House at the Millers

All are invited to a Come and Go Holiday Open House at the Miller’s Home on Thursday, December 10 from the hours of 5:30–8:30 P.M. This function is hosted by the Bryans, Darnells, Pat DeVore, Fosters, Garcias, Millers and Welches.


(VISITATION PROGRAM) Combined Teams 1 & 2 (leaders: Joe & Teri Winnett and Cary & Brenda Miller) will meet on Wednesday, December 9th at 6:30 pm in the library for their assignments.

Bereavement Workshop

For those who have lost love ones, this time of year can be rather difficult. Here is a helpful workshop:

December 11, 6-8 PM @ the church of Christ Fellowship Hall in Burnett. Please check the flyers on the bulletin board.

Our Holiday Fellowship Meal & Party …

… takes place in the Fellowship Room on Dec. 13th, after our evening worship time. Be sure to come to this special time of good food, fellowship and other fun activities. The stuffed animals/dolls we collect yearly are here already and waiting to be turned over to Seton Care-A-Van. They will bring joy to young children who need to be comforted in difficult and frightening situations.  Thank you for your help!

footprints-hiBeautiful Footnotes . . .

Update from Africa and the Gospel Chariot Missions

There is so much happening and we are so grateful to all our supporters and the amazing African team that works with us. We have officially, for the first time, baptized more than 2,000 souls in one calendar year. THANK YOU, LORD AND TO ALL WHO HELP IN THIS WORK.

My son-in-law, Rob Vander Kraats is home and will now receive physical therapy and speech therapy at home. This is an amazing blessing from God. Thank you to all for praying for Rob and the family. Please continue.

We now have the matching funds for the New Big Gospel Chariot for East Africa. This has come about sooner than what we thought. God is so good. Thank you to all. The Hino 500 4×4 truck that has arrived at the body builder and is now busy being transformed into a Gospel Chariot with sleeping quarters, storeroom, tent, sound system, generator and built-in baptistery. Lord willing this chariot will be up and running early next year. Please pray and watch our reports as this truck is transformed into a Gospel Chariot. Exciting, exciting developments. Please pray.

21,000 complete Old and New Testament Bibles that were printed in China and shipped to South Africa to assist with Gospel Chariot outreach. 2016 is looking so promising with more chariots and more literature. Last year we were able to send a container of Bibles to West Africa and this year Southern Africa and Lord willing, next year Central Africa. Meaning, as we travel we have supplies for the chariots. Thank you, thank you, and thank you to all.

Brethren, as you know we will now have 12 chariots going into 19 countries. That is amazing and I stand amazed at what God is doing through us all. The last year has seen things pick up so much so that we need to come up with some plan every year to find additional work fund as we send the chariots off every year and make sure we have funds ready to send to the different countries every quarter. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all for making this work what it is. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. Please continue working with us as we go into 2016. In Him, Love, Brother George Funk and the Team

Remember this effort that we support in your prayers, for the elders, Ken D

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