Corrections & Updates are available from the church office for:

 Kay Parker – mail address

 Linda Ortega – phone and birthdate

In the new directory:

 Todd Gerald – address correction

 E-mail for the secretary – correction


Remember the yearly Cookie Collection; this is for the Cherokee Home for Children. The Ladies class will pack them up this coming Wednesday, December 2nd, their last class before the end of the year. Home-made treats are very welcome by all, also good store-bought ones are well accepted. Make sure that your contribution is in the Fellowship Room before Wednesday, December 2nd, 10 a.m. Vicky & Jay Parr will pick them up and take them to the Home.


. . . is next Sunday, after our evening worship, in the Fellowship Room. This is always a special time of good food, fellowship and other fun activities. Again, we are collecting stuffed animals/dolls with no loose parts (e.g. attached eyes) that young children could pull off and injure themselves! Those toys are for the Seton Care-A-Van. They give them to children who need to be comforted in difficult situations. Please, bring those toys to the Fellowship Room before December 13th fellowship. Thank you for your help!

footprints-hiBEAUTIFUL FOOTNOTES . . .

“‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God’” Matthew 4:4.

Once or twice in a lifetime, that’s how often World Bible School encounters a major change of Bible version. Original WBS-branded courses used the American Standard Version. It was literally precise, but awkwardly worded for many international students. So, when WBS developed an entirely new curriculum, they used the reader-friendly 1984 New International Version (addressing deficiencies through editorial clarity in the WBS lessons).

Recently, however NIV has removed its 1984 edition from all markets, making it impossible for teachers or students to have a Bible that matches WBS lessons. So WBS launched into renewed research into which version could best serve courses and Bible printings.

WBS pursued three priorities: availability, readability, and especially accuracy for in-depth study. Thus weighted, the “essentially literal” English standard version (ESV) emerged as a leader. Its readability is less suitable for some students, but editorial clarifications in WBS lessons overcome this disadvantage.

Converting all print and online courses to the ESV involves substantial work and expense, as does publishing WBS’ edition of the ESV Bible with study helps. This one-time transitional outlay comes on top of other current WBS outreaches. In order to keep the cost per piece affordable, WBS must print large quantities – so large that the cost exceeds the scope of normal cash flow. In order to move forward WBS is raising the necessary $230,000 upfront.

Why take on this challenge? Because WBS shares the same conviction we have: that the value of God’s Word far surpasses earthly costs. A Bible version change is rare, but when it becomes necessary it’s a great time to pull together with our partners in the Gospel, WBS. So far over 30,000,000 have been taught the Gospel through WBS. Let’s do what we can to gear up to teach many more. Our congregation will be supporting this effort. Pray for these efforts of WBS and be supportive of them as you can. For the elders, Ken D.

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