Linda Ortega let us know last Sunday that she wanted to place membership with us. She formerly attended the Cuba church of Christ in Alamogordo, NM. Linda, we welcome you to our fellowship here at the Highland Lakes church of Christ, hoping to be of mutual encouragement in our service to our Lord Jesus Christ! Linda’s address information is available from the church office.


. . . when we take up a cookie collection for Cherokee Home for Children. The Ladies class will pack them up on Wednesday, December 2nd, the last class before the end of the year. If you are able to bake, those home-made treats are very welcome by all. But good store-bought cookies are also well accepted. Make sure that your contribution is in the fellowship room before Wednesday, December 2nd, 10 a.m.


A BIG thank you to those who worked so hard behind the scenes to make the ladies coffee a success: Dorothy Peterson, Doris Foster, Gail Darnell, Norma Bryan. Also, thanks to all those ladies who gave up a few hours of their Saturday to “visit” with their sisters in Christ and welcome newcomers as well as to those who also contributed to the refreshments. The food, as always was very good, but the visiting was OUTSTANDING! There has been a request from some ladies that this unstructured gathering be a more frequent affair. We will see what we can do! — Paula


. . . on Sunday evening, December 13th in the Fellowship Room. This is always a special time of good food, fellowship and other fun activities. Again, we will collect stuffed animals/dolls with no loose parts (e.g. attached eyes) that young children could pull off and injure themselves! Those toys are for the Seton Care-A-Van. They give them to children who need to be comforted in difficult situations. Please, bring those toys to the fellowship room before December 13th Thank you for your help!


Sunday morning, November 22nd, we will not only worship our heavenly Father, we will also translate our love and respect for Him into a special effort. There is a special program page by the bulletin on table in the back. You will notice that we will take up a special contribution for the Solar Players along with the regular one. This special one will buy more of the Solar Players that are used to spread the “Good News” to many who need a Savior (see Beautiful Footnotes below). Please mark your check “for Solar Players”. Thank you for your generosity!

footprints-hiBeautiful Footnotes . . .

“Do not work for the food that perishes, but for the food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give to you” John 6:27.

Sunset International Bible Institute’s Solar Event Phase II approaches completion.

A trip to Kenya, East Africa, this fall, delivered over 350 solar players and brought the total number of players sent in 2015 to Nigeria, Kenya, and South Sudan to 1,500. Individuals from Sunset delivered the players in Nairobi and in Eastern Kenya. They were able to witness what God is doing in that country and celebrated 32 baptisms in the brief time they were there. Two final trips will take the remainder of the solar players including those to Ethiopia in the Amharic language.

The solar players in Kenya are making a big impact. Stanley Jumabarasa is an evangelist in the western interior of Kenya. He has already been making plans of how to use his solar player to strengthen the church and teach people to be “New Testament Christians.” Issac Kibor sold some of his livestock to travel over 12 hours on a bus to receive his solar player. Since Issac is unable to use his legs, he walks everywhere on his hands protected by flip-flops dragging his feet behind him. He too will use the solar player to help spread the gospel in Kenya.

By the end of this year over 2000 solar players will have been distributed in four African nations targeted in Phase II of this project. The funds to pay for these devices are still being raised. Our congregation continues to have the opportunity to support this work in the special contribution this Sunday, November 22nd. Please give financially, if you can, but more importantly remember to pray for the advancement of the Gospel through this additional tool that God has made available. For the Elders, Ken D

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