chURchDr. Hans Kűng, a well-known European theologian published a wave-making book a few years ago which was entitled simply “The Church”, in which he lamented the fact that the established church has lost its way, has become bogged down in tradition, and has ceased to be what Christ intended it to be. The only remedy, according to Dr. Kűng, is to go back to the Scriptures to see what the church was like in the beginning and then to recover in the 21st Century the essence of the original church! In other words, we need to return to the practice of un-denominational Christianity!

I am personally convinced that un-denominational Christianity is possible — that it is possible to be members of the church of our Lord without being a part of any denomination! To recapture un-denominational Christianity in the 21st Century, then a few indispensable things are necessary:

 The unity of all believers on the basis of the Bible alone.

 The replacement of all human creeds and confessions of faith with the Bible as the only binding rule of faith and practice for the church.

 The recognition of Christ as the only Head of the church.

 The autonomy and independence of every local congregation.

 The use of only scriptural names to refer to God’s people.

 The restoration of the government, worship, and terms of membership practiced by the New Testament church.

Is Un-denominational Christianity really possible in our faction-torn, sect-ridden religious world? Many would say, “No!” They would dismiss the very idea of “Un-denominational Christianity” as an anachronistic, unrealistic dream. But the Bible teaches otherwise! Consider:

  1. The Church established by Jesus in New Testament times was un-denominational. He conceived of His church in terms of a unified, single entity (Matthew 16:18). He prayed for the perpetual unity of His followers (John 17:20,21). Clearly, the division of His church was not something that He intended or approved.
  2. We have the same seed today which produces un-denominational Christianity in the 21st Century. The seed is the word of God (Luke 18:11). We were born again by the seed (1 Peter 1:23). Seed — if it is viable — will always produce the same harvest no matter where or when it is planted.
  3. We can be un-denominational today if we will turn from men and their doctrines, creeds and opinions and turn to Christ and His word. The Bible only will make Christians only! We can be in the 21st Century what Christians were in the 1st Century, if we are willing to believe what they believed: obey what they obeyed and practice what they practiced!

Why NOT be just Christians????? ~~ Bobby Dockery, Fayetteville, Arkansas

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