505534816_640Unfortunately, when one speaks of “meditation,” what often comes to mind is the transcendental meditation taught by the new age movement. However, when we discuss the topic from a biblical sense, it neither involves chanting cross-legged with one’s eyes closed, or the “getting in touch with your inner self.” No, we are discussing the practice of taking time to devote one’s self to DRAW CLOSER TO GOD, not to ourselves.

Jesus instructed that a wonderful place to pray is alone in your room. Why? Because there is no temptation to pray for “man’s approval,” and because there are no distractions. We are to be a people who give ourselves to prayer, and “pray without ceasing,” which will certainly involve the intense pouring out of our hearts to God which can only be done when we are alone with Him. In addition, we all DESPERATELY need alone time to study the things which are most needed in our lives, and allow God to speak to us through His blessed Word.

Imagine a pond. If you toss a stone into the water on a windy day, where the water is being blown about, the stone will make little effect. But if you throw that same stone on a calm day, where the water is like glass? The water ripples from impact of the stone, and the effect will even reach the farthest shore! Isn’t it the same in our lives? If we ever give God any “calmness” in which to impact us, will all the “ripples” of our lives drown out His voice? – Kerry Williams, Valley View church of Christ, Jonesboro, AR

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