VISITATION PROGRAM Team #2 (leaders: Cary & Brenda Miller) will meet on Wednesday, June 24th, at 6:30 pm in the library for their assignments.


The Pantry is in need of deodorant and shampoo.

A special upcoming need: it’s not too long until school will start again! As we did last year, we want to help some of our Pantry clients with the purchase of school supplies again. If you are willing to help, we are already accepting donations. Please see Ken Darnell or David Zoller if you want to donate to this good cause.


If you want to contribute to the Wimberley area flood relief that the elders are contemplating, please drop your check in the contribution plate, earmarking it: “Flood Relief”.

footprints-hiBeautiful Footnotes . . .

Sharing Jesus to the world is a major part of our duty as Christians. The elders, on behalf of our congregation, have begun supporting a student at Southern Africa Bible College in Benoni, South Africa for the purpose of training him to preach the gospel to his own people. Following is a report from our student, Comfort Mafunda. For the Elders, Ken D.

“I’m Comfort Mafunda from KwaMashu Church of Christ in Durban.  I thank God for using all people who make it possible for me to be here at SABC. Especially the Highland Lakes Church of Christ. I see much improvement for me being here in terms of English as I was not a good English speaker when I came here, preparing a lesson, behavior and I grow Spiritual. Everyone here is friendly from students to the lecturers and staff, that makes me to feel at house. The food we eat is healthy, rooms are in a good condition, although I’m struggling to adapt to this cold weather as I’m from Durban which is one of the warmest place in South Africa. During my Easter holidays I was in East Cape at Matatiele. I was given a chance to preach every Sunday and I did every good job the Preacher gave me credits. My last week I was invited to another congregation near the border gate of Lesotho to evangelized for the whole week and on Sunday I preached. The church was uplifted for my contribution and they wanted me to come again. Comparing the way I was before coming to SABC and now I can see that I’m growing.  The classes are doing very well the lecturers are so supportive it’s for me easy to cope with my studies. The exams are fear because we are asked what we have been taught in class. My prayer to God is to help me to stay here until I finish my three year so that I can go out and contend for the truth. I’m happy for being here.”

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