Sandra & Sylvester Imogoh will be with us from Saturday, July 11th through Sunday, July 12th. Monday, July 13th, they will continue on to Houston. Dough & Diane Wheeler will be with them as they travel.

Henry & Mary Kattner will house and feed the Imogohs both days. The Wheelers will stay at Dollene Pearson’s house and the Millers will take care of the meals. Thank you for taking care of our visiting missionaries!

Remember that on that Sunday, July 12th, we will have our Fellowship Meal at noon. After that, we will have a short devotional and there will be no evening worship service.

The Imogohs’ visit is a very rare one and it took a long time to be accomplished. Who knows if it will ever happen again? Therefore let us make a special effort on that Sunday to show our support and interest for their work by an excellent attendance. It will strengthen and encourage them in their work that takes place under very difficult circumstances. But not only will they be blessed, but we, too, will be uplifted and blessed.


Combined adult classes will start on Wednesday evening, June 3rd. All adults will meet in the auditorium to be instructed by various teachers on various topics. Each teacher will take two weekly sessions. After August 26th, Charles Greenawalt and Ken Darnell will start the normal Wednesday night rotation again.

Cary Miller will start the series on June 3rd & 10th, Charles Greenawalt will follow on June 17th & July 1st. In between, on June 24th, is singing night.


Dear God, we thank you for the wonderful rains you have blessed us with!  The lakes are already rising, but they still need some more water and we trust that You will continue to provide the necessary rains!

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