Theary-Sharing-the-Love-of-JeusThroughout the book of Philippians, Paul speaks to that church as being partners with him in the Gospel. When Dennis and Sharon Welch visited us a few weeks ago from Cambodia, I think we were all reminded of our partnership in that wonderful work. The elders, on behalf of the congregation, approved sending $2,000 to help that work above our monthly commitment. That contribution will help a second evangelism team work with the SNACK program. What follows is an e-mail we received from Dennis this week.

“Greetings from Phnom Penh, Cambodia!

Last evening we had our weekly call with the elder and his wife (Nick & Carol Smith) in Stockton, CA (Central church of Christ) who are our liaisons with the church. This church oversees SNACK. Anyway, like all of us he is excited about the evangelism taking place in the SNACK villages. While in the States we received some new contributions, but it appears there were not enough to cover starting up the third truck again. Please continue praying about that. Nick thought that since we did get some new funding we should direct it toward the evangelism component of SNACK and hire more evangelists from the Bible school (or elsewhere) and operate two teams of evangelists instead of just one. It seems that God had already provided for a second motorbike through Highland Lakes and we didn’t even know it yet.

Therefore, we propose to transition our current team of evangelists to no longer travel with the SNACK trucks, but instead travel by motorbike to a single SNACK village each day, thereby affording them much more time in the homes of the SNACK families to share the good news. After that we will hire a second team to do the same. We are patient on God to bring us the right brothers for this work so we can’t say clearly about the timing. We can say that we are very excited about how the Lord is using SNACK as an access into the hearts and homes of the villagers. Praise His glorious Name!

We hope that you and the brethren at Highland Lakes will pray about this opportunity for bearing fruit for God’s Kingdom in Cambodia. Please see the praise/petition requests below.

Love and blessings, Dennis & Sharon”


Praise God for the open hearts of the villagers being served by the SNACK program.

Petition God for the resources to begin using the third SNACK truck/route again.

Petition God for zealous, dedicated evangelists for the SNACK program.

Praise God for the ministries we all do as partners in the Gospel in God’s name.

Let us here at Highland Lakes church of Christ, remember that we are partners in the Gospel with the Welchs in Cambodia (as well as partners with the other missionaries we help support) and as partners we need to be devoted to remembering them and their prayer needs in our daily and collective prayers.

– Ken Darnell, on behalf of the elders

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