Our sister in Christ, Beth Kattner, passed away on Friday, September 26th, after a valiant struggle with cancer. She was at home at the time of her death. Funeral services were conducted on Monday, September 29th, at our church building here in Kingsland. She was laid to rest on Tuesday, September 30th, at Angleton cemetery in South

Texas. Joe Winnett officiated at both services. Our heartfelt prayers, love and condolences are going out to Henry, the children, grandchildren and all who knew and loved her.


To: The Highland Lakes Church of Christ  From: The Claude Fletcher Family

We truly appreciate all of the love and affection you expressed during our time of grief. It was wonderful to hear all of the beautiful words of remembrance for our dad. The outpouring of sympathy was truly remarkable. We would like to especially express our gratitude for all of the fellowship and food that was prepared for our family both before the funeral and at the family lunch. It is a big job to feed all of our family and so many of you went above and beyond. We are so blessed to know each of you. Thank you so very much, The Claude Fletcher Family:  Paul Fontenot, Susie Fontenot, Paul Fletcher, Terri Fletcher


A huge “thank-you” to all of you who prepared food (and performed other duties) last week for those families who lost loved ones. It’s truly wonderful how willing you are to help out in times like these, and makes our work in preparing meals for the families so much easier. Thanks so much, Norma Bryan Food Committee Chair


VISITATION PROGRAM Team #1 (leaders: Teri & Joe Winnett) will meet on Wednesday, October 8th at 6:30 pm in the library for their assignments.


Peanut butter, canned meats, toothpaste and shampoo are needed. In the CLOTHING AREA: good, useable items are always welcome.


Doug Wheeler and family will be with us Sunday, October 26th. He will report to us on his recent trip to Nigeria in a combined Bible class. He will also preach for us Sunday morning. More information in upcoming bulletins!

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