Guest Speaker

Jordan Fontenot will be our guest speaker, Sunday May 18th. He will bring a report about his recent mission trip to Jamaica. Jordan is the grandson of Claude Fletcher. We welcome him and those of his family who are with him. We are looking forward to what he will share with us.

Deacons’ Meeting!

All deacons are invited to attend the deacons’ meeting on Wednesday, May 21st, at 10 AM, in the library.


VISITATION PROGRAM Team #2 (leaders: Cary & Brenda Miller) will meet on Wednesday, May 21st, at 6:30 pm in the Library for their assignments.

The time for Our Fellowship Meal is next Sunday evening, May 25th, after our worship assembly. Hosts and hostesses will be: John C. & Ida Brewer, Troy & Leana Futrell and Cary & Brenda Miller. Bring your favorite food and enjoy this time of eating together and getting to know each other better.


We were rejoicing last Sunday, when W.B. Stacy, decided to put on his Lord Jesus Christ in baptism. He has attended the Highland Lakes church of Christ with his wife, Ramona, for some time. God bless you, W.B. and Ramona with many years of service in His kingdom!  They have decided that this was also a good time to place their membership with us. A hearty welcome to them! Call the church office to get the Stacy’s address, birthdates and anniversary information.

Our Sympathy

Our love and prayerful condolences go out to the family and loved ones of former member Jo Helton. She passed away on Friday, May 9th, at Katy Texas. Funeral services took place at the Schmidt Funeral Home in Katy on Wednesday, May14th.

Thank You

Highland Lakes Church of Christ, Thank you so much for the lovely book, Accepting Bereavement. Reading it does make me feel better. Thank you, especially, for all your prayers, kind words and your hugs. In Christian love, Janet & Myron

In Your Prayers

Dear God, we thank you for the recent rains! But we petition you for more, so that our lakes will be full.

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