New Adult Bible Classes are starting Wednesday, October 13th

The following class will be offered in the Fellowship Room:


The practices and commands that appear in the New Testament are in a sense all scriptural— that is, they are all in the Bible and are true. The question is, which are meant to be gospel, that God wants all people in all ages and in ever culture to practice or are they cultural, as they are the commands or practices present among the people of God with some validity in one situation but not in others, but not the universal command of God?

Clearly, Christians today, through an examination of scripture, can benefit and be blessed to recover the core essence of New Testament Christianity. Class participation will develop a deeper understanding of the ”essential” or the “universal” or the “gospel”, but also the freedom and flexibility in matters of cultural or nonessentials. Ken Darnell will lead a class discussion in an analysis of fifty New Testament practices and commands.

Another class will take place in the Auditorium:


What is a clear definition of the word “portrait”? It originally meant a drawn, painted, or carved picture of something or someone. In this series of lessons it will mean a written description or dramatic portrayal of a person.

You cannot read very far in the Scriptures without numerous graphic description, both of good people and evil people and the world in which they lived. This study will allow us to study some portraits of the first-century church in a world which confronted its members as they gave their all for His work. We will answer the question, “Who Is A Christian.” The teacher will be Charles Greenawalt.

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