We are expressing our heartfelt sympathy and love to Charlie and Georgia Jones, combined with our prayers for all in the family and friends. Charlie’s youngest brother lost his battle with cancer and passed away last week.


“Thank you for the cards, calls and prayers during my recent surgery.”  Love, James Williams

Brothers and sisters, Thank you so very much for all the cards, visits, phone calls and baked goods. We are especially grateful for the prayers. Dad is getting stronger every day and Mom is working hard also!  Thank you for loving us, Myrtle & Billy and Valerie & Dale

Dear Brethren, Diane and I were SO glad to be with you on the Lord’s Day, a few weeks ago! Thanks for having us come down to give a report about the work of God going on in Nigeria, and for letting me preach the word! I pray that you all were encouraged by our presence as Diane and I were to be in your midst! Thanks for taking up a special collection for the work of Christ in Nigeria, too! That truly was special!! Till we see one another again, we remain your friends and your brethren who are happy to work with you to reach the lost in Nigeria, West Africa! God bless you all!  In Christian love, Doug Wheeler

Come and Hear – Author/Speaker Steve Hemphill

Sunday, September 8th through Wednesday, September 11th, Steve Hemphill will present a series of interesting topics at the Cherokee church of Christ in Cherokee. The subjects are: “The Covenant”, “Discovering Heaven”, “Resurrection & Rewards”, “Are Demons Real?” “Prayers Satan Hates!” and “Reducing Satan’s Domain”. For more information about the speaker and the exact times of the lectures, please, consult the flyer on the bulletin board. It will be a good gospel meeting!


(VISITATION PROGRAM) Team #1 (leaders: Teri & Joe Winnett) will meet on Wednesday, Sept. 11, in the library for their assignments.

Food Pantry Needs

Personal hygiene products, canned meat (very much needed!), peanut butter. Plastic bags are not needed at this time.

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