July 7, 2013 WEEKLY NEWS

We Are Expressing Our Sympathy . . .

 to John and Tina Brewer. Their good friend, Bob McRee, passed away early Tuesday morning, July 2nd, in Boliver, MO. John and Tina had gone to see him, since they knew he was not expected to live. His ashes will be mingled with his wife’s ashes and spread in a special area in August.

. . . to former member here, Bob Hamblin. His wife, Margret passed away on Wednesday, July 3rd, in Pflugerville. She was buried in Wichita Falls.

Our love and prayers are with all!

Would You Be Willing to Be Instructed?

Volunteers are needed for running the auditorium projector system! Male or female, it does not matter. Ken Darnell will instruct and train. It is very important that we have more than two people who know how to operate this system. Please tell Ken or Joe if you would like to help with this.

Food Pantry Needs

Personal hygiene products, canned meat, peanut butter.


Team #1 (leaders: Teri & Joe Winnett) will meet on Wednesday, July 10th, in the library for their assignments.

Upcoming Special Events:

Saturday, July 20th: Central Texas Bible Teachers Workshop at Cameron Road church of Christ in Austin. All interested in going should meet at the church building by 9 am and we will caravan to Austin.

Sunday, July 28th: Doug Wheeler will be with us. We will have a special contribution for his work in Nigeria. Our monthly Fellowship Meal will be on that day, it will be a luncheon following our morning worship assembly. Afterwards, after a short devotional, we will be dismissed for the day.

Sunday, August 11th: Finally, the date for our Ice Cream Fellowship!

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