2013 04 28 I Phone 011A Work of Love

We are preparing a “care package” for Hunter Smith, Mary Smith’s grandson. After talking to Mary after class Wednesday evening, the following list is suggestions she had for items for Hunter and a few I added:

1. Hunter loves the Texas shaped corn chips from H.E.B. as well as the H.E.B. bean dip and cheese and bean dip. He is not much into sweets of any kind.

2. Raman Noodles – chicken clear broth – not the creamy.

3. Word search.

4. Animal puzzles.

5. Movies: Marley and Me – since this is an old movie we may have to purchase this online. I will consult with Lexy to see if there are other suggestions in this category that kids in her age range are watching. No we won’t go the “Barbie” route… … … … … … … … … … … …

6. Books:

a. MagicTree House series

b. Box car children. – Mary said these can be purchased at a ½ price book store.

7. Action figures Ben10.

8. Money – the family could use some gift cards for meals; change for the hospital machines, gas, etc.; as well as help with other expenses.

9. A lap desk and bedside storage caddy have been ordered. The total price will be $48.67 for those who would like to help with these items. I ordered these last week.

And, one special, cuddly stuffed dog.

We need to have our package together by Wednesday, May 1st, because Mary will go back to Mississippi the following week.

I’m sure you gals can come up with some others…these are, after all, just suggestions, except for the lap desk and caddy…I think these would be very helpful to Hunter who has already started school by Scype. He will be taught “home bound” until he gets well enough to go to school.

Love you gals. Call with questions. Pray, Pray and Pray some more for everyone in that family.  – Paula

Our Fellowship Meal . . .

. . . takes place this evening after our worship assembly. John & Tina Brewer, Adam & Josie Garcia and David & Sheri Zoller will be our hosts and hostesses. Be sure to come to this good fellowship!


(VISITATION PROGRAM) Team #1 (leaders: Teri & Joe Winnett) will meet on Wednesday, May 8 in the library for their assignments.


Thank you for your prayers for my mother, Alice Christian. She is at home now and under hospice care. Thanks, Wanda Christian.

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