New Bible Classes Starting in January, 2013

On Sunday morning, January 6th, the new study for the adult Bible classes will be in James.

This book is a wonderful study of practical Christian living. In fact, some have called this book “The Gospel of Common Sense”. James reminds the Christian that love will be needed to face the challenge of daily living in every generation!

Joe Winnett will be the teacher in the auditorium and Charles Greenawalt will be the teacher in the Fellowship Room.  Ken Darnell and Cary Miller will be the substitute teachers, at different times for the class.

On Wednesday evening, January 9th, Joe Winnett will be teaching in the Fellowship Room, his topic will be “Perfecting the Heart”.

This study will be an examination of the attitude problems that even Christians can struggle with. Topics such as “Forgiveness” and “Discouragement” will be examined as we examine our attitudes in contrast to the heart of Christ. The goal is to make our hearts like His heart!

At the same time, Cary Miller will be the teacher in the Auditorium. This study will be on “Prayer”.

Members of our congregation have expressed a desire to study the subject of prayer, so that they may be more effective and comfortable in lifting their heart-felt communication to our loving Heavenly Father. Jesus’ disciples recognized this same need, and they asked the Master to “teach us to pray”. In reply, Jesus gave them the model prayer we know as “The Lord’s Prayer” (Luke 11:1; Matthew. 6:9-13). From this example, we learn that the criterion of acceptable prayer is not length or poetic grandeur, but the expression of ———-!!!!!  Do you want to learn about the rest of this sentence? Then, come to the auditorium on Wednesday evening, January 9th, as we launch into a quarter’s study of this characteristic activity of the Christian life.

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