Politics and Church

Americans hear a lot about the separation of church and state, but few know what it means. The founding fathers explained what they had in mind. They were forbidding Congress from establishing a state religion, such as was common in all European nations. Contemporary secularists try to convince us it means that our government, schools and society should be entirely secular; that all things relating to God should be confined to church buildings and homes. But the good and right that we learn at church and in the home will automatically bring us to act in a good and beneficial way wherever we are. The Christian is unable to separate his godly behavior from daily life! He will be the best neighbor, citizen, student, friend and, yes, even politician! This can only benefit any relationship and our nation.

As Christians we support the concept of the separation of church and state, it is a safe guard that keeps large, powerful religious bodies from imposing their will on the nation and on those who do not share their views. And it also keeps the government from forcing its views on us.

As Christians we are respecting and supporting the laws of the land as we are told in the word of God, as long as those do not clash with God’s requirements. Therefore we do not influence people on how to vote, but we encourage them to train their consciences in godly ways and, as good citizens, to pick the candidates who will guarantee to the best of their abilities a peaceful and blessed life for all. ~~ selected

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