When Are You “Too Old”?

Sometimes in the church we hear people decline an opportunity to serve with words like these: “I’ve served my time. Let the younger ones do it. I’m just going to rest”. This always makes me think of a statement about Daniel in Daniel 6:3. Darius, the king of the Medes, was going to select Daniel as his administrator for the entire kingdom. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But do you realize that Daniel was about 88 years old when he was selected for this job? Daniel was chosen because of his attitude, he had an “extraordinary spirit”, and his age was not a factor.

You might think a man Daniel’s age would be living in the past, talking about all the things he used to do. He’d be patting his great-grandchildren on the head and telling them tales about the “good ole days”. But not Daniel. He is still a servant. He has not lost hope. His days are filled with activity. The body may be older, but the spirit remains young.

Years ago, a gospel preacher was asked on his 84th birthday, “Are you going to keep on preaching after 84?” His answer was immediate:

“When there are so many unsaved people around, when there are sorrowing hearts to be comforted, when so many young people are throwing away in Folly’s Court and Carnal Pleasure’s Mart the wealth God gave them at the start, when there are so many evils against which protests must be made, when so many people are lonely on the Sunset Trail, when in 1910 I was married to preaching until death do us part—why should I not, in the 85th year of life, keep on preaching?”

The church needs more like Daniel . . . those with an extraordinary spirit that can inspire, encourage and lead. You are NEVER “too old” if your spirit is right!

— Joe

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