June 17, 2012 – This Weeks News

Summer Adult Bible Class Series :  “The Christian’s Everyday Problems”.

This coming Wednesday evening, Cary Miller will present thoughts on the topic of “The Problem of Individual Leadership”.

There are leaders who have been designated to be such in a greater sense. But are we not all leaders in some form or fashion, especially if our allegiance is to the principles and laws of God? This should be a lesson of great interest to us all, so make your plans to attend.

Thank You

Thank you so much for the money and support for our mission trip to Joplin, MO. I am looking forward to returning to Joplin to help in the rebuilding process. Thank you again for your support.

In Christian love, Madison Stone (Madison is the granddaughter of Troy & Leana Futrell)

The Wheelers Are Coming!

Doug Wheeler and his wife Diane will be with us next Sunday morning, June 24th. Doug will speak in Bible class and he will also preach to us. He will be reporting about the work in Nigeria and his recent trip there, working with the local preachers. We always enjoy hearing Doug’s energetic and encouraging message. Come and listen to him, his attitude is catching!

Food Pantry Need!

The Food Pantry is still in need of peanut butter, canned meat and pork & beans. Your help is very much appreciated!

Visiting For the Master (VISITATION PROGRAM)

Team #2 (leaders: Cary & Brenda Miller) will meet on Wednesday, June 20th at 6:30 pm in the Library for their assignments.

Our Fellowship Meal

Next Sunday evening, after our worship assembly, we will meet again to enjoy our monthly Fellowship Meal. Hosts and hostesses: Bob & Doris Foster, Cary & Brenda Miller and Don & Paula Welch.

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