Continue to Remember

 Kala Asbury, Norma Bryan’s granddaughter

 Brenda Evans, Vicky Williams’ cousin

 Steve Donahue, Sharon Winnett’s dad

 Stacy Dunlap, Don & Paula Welch’s granddaughter Lexy Welch’s mother

 Victoria Fields, Mary Smith’s neighbor

 Pauline Evans, also the Welches & Darnells

 Dody Garrison

 Douglas Hall, relative of Gail D. and Paula W.

 Fred & Carolyn Harwell

 Patrick Harvill, Teri Winnett’s brother

 Sally Harris, Sherry W.’s cousin & uncle, Leon Taylor

 Chris Kirkpatrick, Myron Fietz’ mother

 Jackie Ledbetter , also daughters/caretakers Tina Brewer & Lesa Ledbetter

 Patti Loffler, Judy Womack’s sister

 Jan Maxwell

 Doc & Sandy McDaniel

 Cynthia McCoy, Gary Crabtree’ s sister

 Marceline McVey, Mary K. Flanary’s mother

 Glen Moore, Janet Fietz’ cousin, fighting cancer

 Kay Parker

 Phill & Lorna Parmer

 Gwenda Peterson, Alton & Dorothy Peterson’s daughter-in-law

 Phyllis Prouty, Mary K. Flanary’s sister

 Melanie Schelling, daughter of David & Sheri Zoller

 Eddie Slape, grandson of David & Sheri Zoller

 Brian Taylor, Sherry Wills’ brother

 Jeff Thuleen, James Thuleen, Ken and Thelma Thuleen’s sons

 Rick Wheeler, Sherry Wills’ friend

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