Continue to Remember

 Jack & Betty Alarid

 Angela Allred, Henry & Mary Kattner’s neighbor

 Kala Asbury, Norma Bryan’s granddaughter

 Terry & Doris Bryant, neighbors of Bill & Mary K. Flanary

 Barbara Belcher

 Susan Darnell, Ken & Gayle Darnell’s daughter-in-law

 Pauline Evans, also the Welches & Darnells

 Ronnie Leach, Glenn Moor, Myron & Janet Fietz’ friends

 Dody Garrison

 Todd Gerald

 Douglas Hall, relative of Gail D. and Paula W.

 Patrick Harvill, Teri Winnett’s brother

 Don Hollums

 Dennis Keel, Tommie Sledge’s friend

 Patti Loffler, Judy Womack’s sister, also Howard Johnson, Judy’s dad

 Beverly Martin, Linda Robertson’s friend

 Jan Maxwell

 Doc & Sandy McDaniel

 Cynthia McCoy, Gary Crabtree’ s sister

 B.J. Moore, Mary Kattner’s younger brother

 Phill & Lorna Parmer

 Lynn Patterson

 Gwenda Peterson, the Peterson’s daughter-in-law

 Phyllis Prouty, Mary K. Flanary’s sister

 Salvador SanTillan

 Melanie Schelling, daughter of David & Sheri Zoller

 Eddie Slape, grandson of David & Sheri Zoller

 Carol Sisco

 Jeff, James, Ken & Thelma Thuleen’s sons

 Lexi, Don & Paula Welch’s granddaughter, also long-time friend, Dick Wright

 Doug Wheeler

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