Needs Plastic bags, shampoo, tooth brush & paste, bath soap

Thank you!


Our annual Holiday Open House at the Millers’ will be Monday, December 2nd. Please join us for this festive holiday gathering. Time: 5:30 — 8:00 PM, come and go. Place: 1922 Bluebonnet Lane, Kingsland, TX.


Our pot-luck Holiday fellowship will be next Sunday at noon, December 8th. By then, we should have all the stuffed animals (no button eyes) that we yearly donate to Seton Care-A-Van. We are looking forward to this fellowship which will also be very special because Doug & Diane Wheeler will be with us. Doug will give us his final and energetic report about his work in Nigeria in Bible class, and he will also preach for us.

Before that, on Wednesday, December 4th is the day the ladies will pack up the cookies for Cherokee Home for Children. The children and staff like either the home-made kind or the store bought variety. All of them need to be in the fellowship room before that day. Thanks to all who have participated in these beneficial collections!


SIBI Student – Tyler Meredith Report

Continue to pray for Tyler Meredith whom we help support at Sunset International Bible Institute as he trains for the ministry. For the elders, Ken D

Tyler (2nd from right in green shirt) with a group from Sunset church

Tyler’s Travels (From His Latest Report)

Hello everyone! This month has been a crazy awesome month! I went on several trips and got to do some cool stuff here as well! I went to Austin, Texas, to the Global Missions Conference, Heart of Texas Baptist Camp, and continued my work with the AIMers as well as my classes in SIBI! Let’s jump right in!

I would like to let you all know about my personal experience with SIBI! SIBI can be rather tough when you add up all that I have to do with AIM and my personal life. I have been taking five classes this term. They are Introduction to Homiletics, Fundamentals of Preaching, Christian Home, Scheme of Redemption, and Letters of John. All of these classes have been incredibly insightful. I have been digging deeply into scripture with all of my instructors in all of my classes! Homiletics is a class all about learning to prepare a sermon and what all needs to be stated while delivering a sermon. Fundamentals of Preaching is a preaching lab where we are applying the skills we are learning in Homiletics. Christian Home is showing us what we need to know going into ministry about our family and finances. Scheme of Redemption is showing us how the whole biblical story ties together. Last but not least, Letters of John is a survey of the letters John wrote, and how we can dig deeper into them using Greek and other tools. All of these classes have been incredibly helpful in my personal spiritual life!

Next is my time with the AIMers in Lubbock as an AIM assistant. Two of the major things we do is guiding the AIMers in area church and small groups. In area church we have been working with the youth group, spending time with families at Sunset, working at a retired person building, and going to a small group with some of the families at church! All of this happens on Sundays. I have been truly blessed by seeing the hearts of our AIMers working with all of these people! Small groups have been really delightful as well! I have had the opportunity to work alongside one of the AIMers in preparing a lesson for teaching his small group, as well as participating in conversations at the small groups we have on Thursday nights. Both of these situations have been outstandingly inspiring for me!

This wraps up my month. As you can tell it has been really busy and full of growth!

God is blessing me so much through this growth period! God is also blessing me so much through all of you! This is something that is not possible for me to do without the support of all of you! I want to say from the bottom of my heart thank you!

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