Needs Plastic bags, tooth brushes, shampoo, bath soap
Thank you!

The Elders are beginning their work planning for our 2020 budget. We encourage deacons, ministry leaders and members to share their budgetary concerns with the elders as soon as possible. Please pray for this budget work so that our congregation will have a very successful 2020!

The Clothing Closet is in need of warm winter coats and jackets. The cold season is upon us and there are those who will be able to enjoy our generous donations.
The Clothes Closet is NOT IN NEED OF PURSES, (as it got erroneously into last Sunday’s announcements), but it needs PLASTIC SHOPPING BAGS, like those from Walmart or HEB, to pass those warm coats or jackets on.

Next Sunday, November 10th we will take up a special contribution for the Solar Players, a major multi-continent effort using hand-held solar-powered audio players to reach the world with the Gospel. This was started by the Sunset International Bible Institute (SIBI) in 2014. The Solar Event continues to spread the Word to the rest of the world.
The current Solar Mission is to deliver Portuguese solar players to Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, and other Portuguese-speaking countries. It will also deliver to Haiti players in Creole. This mission is a multi-year effort to provide a total of 3,000 solar players that will conclude at the end of 2020. (This information from the Solar Mission Website of SIBI)
Please consider this mission work prayerfully and join with us next Sunday to raise funds for this worthy work!


Philippine Evangelism from Richard Emperado

In the following from Richard Emperado, whom we help support in the Philippines, Richard reports on the training program there. Keep this work, the Emperados and the church in the Philippines in your thoughts and prayers. For the elders, Ken, D

Dear Family & Friends,
Howdy! Funny but a line of a song is spinning in my mind as I write this report, “There is work on every hand.” On the mission field, there is always something to do, never a dull moment. A few days ago, I was having a meeting with our town major to ask to borrow old bulldozers & other heavy equipment for our Seyer Training Center to study & work on repairing. God has blessed our meeting and given us more then we were asking for. Irwin, the mayor, told me his government owned motor pool is opened for the Seyer students anytime we need it. Mayor Irwin said, “You may do all your lectures at the Seyer Training Center and do the “hands on” at my motor pool.” On top of that, Mayor Irwin said he would be the one to arrange with the two mining firms in our area to allow our Seyer students to have access at their motor pools since they have more heavy equipment to work with. My worries about where to find heavy equipment to work on is over.

The Seyer Training Center will be starting a new course this month, we will start a Bible & Heavy Equipment Training Class 1. Classes will be starting the end of this month. The end of August, we had our graduation from our conventional automotive course. We are right now in the process of building a tall shed like structure, where we can work on big heavy equipment like bulldozers, dump trucks, & other large size construction equipment out of the heat of the sun or heavy rains we have daily here in the tropics. We are working to get the electric & water hookups done right now. Mr. Wilkin, who has been our automotive teacher, will also be teaching our heavy equipment training class as well. The new students will have daily Bible classes, and then divide the training program between heavy equipment training & welding classes. There is a great need for auto mechanics, welders, & heavy machine repairing.

We are thankful for the tools and funds that have been donated to build the new garage shed. Back in August we received 8 Forex boxes of donated tools & equipment from Church members in Sugar Land, TX & Enid, OK. We will do our best to put all the materials to good use. Thank you Highland Lakes Church for providing funds for us to have bible teachers teaching classes to our Seyer students as well.
Your fellow servant, Richard Emperado

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