We were saddened to hear that former member Dollene Pearson’s son-in-law, Jeff Smith of Midland, passed away on Friday, October 18th. Services were held on Wednesday, October 23rd at First Baptist Church in Midland. Interment took place in Kermit, Texas. Dollene asks for prayers for daughter Zotene and family. Pray for Dollene, too, she loved this good son-in-law very much.


“I would like to thank everyone for the money and beautiful cards giving to me for my retirement. Also, thanks for the cards, calls, prayers, before, during and after my knee surgery. Thanks to the ladies for the delicious food that was brought to me and James, and also the beautiful flowers, pot plant and arrangement given to me. Most of all, thanks to my husband who has been nurse and helper.” I love you, Vicky Williams


Needs – Plastic bags, tooth brushes, shampoo, bath soap. Thank you!


Please join us . . .this Sunday, October 27th! Hosts and hostesses: John & Tina Brewer, Bill & Mary K. Flanary and Don & Paula Welch. No PM Service tonight.


Our next ―Soup Luncheon will be Wednesday, October 30th, from 11:30 AM — to 12:30 PM.


The Elders are beginning their work planning for our 2020 budget. We encourage deacons, ministry leaders and members to share their budgetary concerns with the elders as soon as possible. Please pray for this budget work so that our congregation will have a very successful 2020!



This year our congregation is also helping support Madison Stone, a granddaughter of Troy and Leana Futrell. Madison is part of a mission to Zambia, in Southern Africa, with Christian Health Service. What follows is from Madison as she describes her call to the mission field. Please keep her and this effort in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D

Called to Missions

I believe that you can be involved in the mission of God anywhere you are. We have all been blessed with different gifts and abilities that we need to use to further the kingdom. Even before my first trip to Africa, that is where I felt pulled. In 2015, I attended a conference hosted by Harding University called the Global Missions Experience. Among the speakers was Dr. Kent Brantly. He asked the students attending, “If those who want to go don’t, then who will?” That charge has resonated with me to this day.

While at Harding, I had the opportunity to visit Rwanda with Africa Reads. It was a chance for me to share God’s love while also teaching English to third and fourth graders. In the summer of 2018, I traveled with a group from my church to volunteer at Neema Village in Tanzania. These short-term missions solidified my desire to return on a more permanent basis and to serve God through working with children.

In 2017, I graduated from Harding University with a Bachelor in Education and have taught Kindergarten in Texas for the past two years. While it was not my specific plan to go now, God opened the door for me to return to Africa. I will be joining a team of two doctors and their families. This will allow me to continue teaching while also serving the people of Zambia. I am excited to combine my love for teaching with sharing the good news of the gospel. There is a lot of uncertainty right now about our initial departure timeline but I have faith that God will be with me through this season as he has in the past. I am thankful for this opportunity and looking forward to what is ahead. – Madison

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