Needs Shampoo, plastic bags. Thank you!


On Thursday, September 26, 1,580 lessons were processed and shipped to the students we are teaching. Thanks to all who came and worked on this good program!


Today, Sunday, September 29th after the AM assembly. Hosts and hostesses: Ken & Gail Darnell, Troy & Leana Futrell and Sherry Wills.


Last Wednesday, we had four guests at the Soup luncheonand thirteen of our members attended and enjoyed this fellowship. The next luncheon dates, in October, will be Wednesday, the 23rd and Wednesday, the 30th.


Last week, Loyd & Donna Milam, let us know that they wanted to be recognized as members of the Highland Lakes church of Christ again, so that they could join with us in worship and the Lord’s work we do through this congregation. Welcome, Loyd & Donna, we are happy that you made this good decision! Please add to your directory their information which is available from today’s bulletin or the church office.


Eastern European Missions Special contribution

Eastern European Missions
The Bible. The Good News of Jesus.
The Bible. We want everyone to get it.
The Bible. Delivered by truckload, package, or by hand.
The Bible. Free to all.

Since 1961 EEM has printed and delivered Bibles and Bible-based materials to the people of Eastern Europe in their languages – free of charge.

The mission of EEM began when a small band of missionaries bravely answered God’s call to take his Word to the hopeless and desperate people of the Soviet Union. Smuggling Bibles and underground printing were the only ways to share God’s Word until the wall fell in 1989.

Today, EEM freely supplies Bibles and Bible-based materials to 30 nations in Eastern Europe. These materials are given to individuals, families, children in youth camps, refugees, mission churches, public universities, public schools, public libraries, prisons, hospitals, orphanages, campaign groups, and anywhere else Bibles are needed.

The elders would like to commend all those who contributed to the mission of the EEM during the special collection of funds during the recent weeks. The contribution we will be sending EEM is $4,585.00. We want to thank you all for your love of Jesus, the love of the Bible and the love for all those who will be blessed through receiving God’s word. For the elder’s. Ken D

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