Please let the secretary (Helga) know, either by a written note or an e-mail message (secretaryhlcoc@nctv,com), if you would like to have your prayer requests published in the PRAYER REQUEST list in the bulletin. Also remember to cut out that list ever so often for your own special prayer time.


Needs Shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste

Thank you!


Dear Friends, We want to thank you for helping us send Madison Stone to Zambia. Your partnership makes it possible for us to send compassionate health care and the Gospel to those in great need.

God Bless You! Greg and Candi Seager Founder CHSC (Christian Health Service)

Thanks (for what?)

Several weeks ago, while cleaning out a storage room at the Kingsland library, a number of Braille Bibles were uncovered. These books (twenty+ of them) had been hidden away for over five years. No one was able to determine where these books came from. No record in the library database or in the memory of those who operate the library. So, what happens to books like this?

Ultimately, these books were set out to be discarded or simply to be given away. I simply could not allow these Braille Bibles, in any fashion, to simply just go away. So I took it upon myself to find somewhere they could be put to use.

Now, these precious Braille Bibles are on their way to Braille Bible International! This organization provides Bibles for the sight impaired worldwide. SO, THANKS to Bible International who arranged for free shipping, for the USPS for their services and to PAC-SHIP & M0RE for the packing and advice. And to countless others who lent a hand in this project (you know who you are). None of this could have been done without you.

We simply pray the Word will find simple ground. Scotty Adams


AIM – Devin Hankins – Brazil Team


We are blessed to help support Devin Hankins, grandson of Danny & Nancy Hankins, in the Adventures In Missions (AIM) program of Sunset International Bible Institute as he and other young adults on his team work with missionaries in Brazil. We will be following Devin’s adventure in helping share the good news of Jesus there and want to keep him, his team and this work in our thoughts and prayers. They are only recently arrived in Brazil and what follows is from a communication from Devin. For the elders, Ken D

Brazil AIM Team – Devin Hankins 4th from Left

Things are well! We’ve been in Portuguese classes most days, some for 3 hours and others for 1.5 hours. Normally the classes are midday. I’m not fluent, but I’m able to understand the language more. The mornings are our time, so we use it for whatever we want. Currently I use it for personal studies, to read books or for other things that come up. We’re mostly settled in our new apartment now, just need to get some small things.

My team helps teach English Wednesday nights using the Bible. We’ve met some really cool people that way. Friday nights we have a group called “Bible Friends”, and we got the group up to almost 30 or so people. Bible Friends is just a big Bible study we have with college students in English.

We just finished recruiting for clubs we’re leading at an English school – this way we’ll be able to influence kids from all grade levels. My team and the team already here will help with the “Bible Club” on Thursday nights, which is just another Bible study with kids in school, and I want to get involved with the upcoming “Book Club” on Tuesday nights so that I can build a stronger relationship with the kiddos and connect with them. And on Mondays we have what we call “family night”, and we just spend time together with both teams and the coordinator and his family all eating, playing games, watching a movie, whatever the host of the night decides. It’s really awesome. I love the coordinator and his family so much – he really makes us feel at home and part of the family, and he helps with so much.

Right now I feel pretty good about Brazil. There are some bad days where I really miss the States. We get a lot of attention from the locals because we’re foreigners, and that isn’t a bad thing necessarily, I just miss being able to understand everybody and everyone understanding me. It’s a little culture shock, but nothing I can’t handle.

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