Lorna Parmer – Hello Dear Friends,

I am writing to let you know that I have made a good transition to Canyon, Texas, I’m now living at Hudson House in Canyon near the West Texas State A&M University football stadium. My new home is a studio apartment with a small kitchen, my own walk-in bathroom and a new television that is bigger than life.

The meals are tasty, and the staff brings snacks every day. I go to the cafeteria for meals with friends or have them delivered to the room. There are only 31 residents and the nurses are kind and friendly. We have a new front porch complete with sofas and chairs, and an enclosed porch in the back. I would love to get news about you. Please contact me at the following information which is available in the bulletin or from the church office.

Carroll Norman, the husband of former member, Dorothy, still enjoys our bulletin. He is 95 years old and has outlived Dorothy for many years now. He would enjoy hearing from us, esp. by phone. If you know him, here is his address which is available in the bulletin or from the church office.


Ray & Sue Baggett placed membership with us last week. They come to us from the Albany church of Christ, New York. Ray & Sue, we welcome you to our fellowship in Christ here at Highland Lakes! We hope to be of mutual encouragement to each other, as we work and worship together in this area.

Please add to your directory their iformation which is available from this bulletin or church office.


Ladies Class resumes on Wednesday, September 18th. Study will continue in last year’s book, and

Leana Futrell will be the first teacher. Others who will teach in the future are Gail Darnell, Brenda Miller and Mary K. Flanary. This is also the day for our next “Soup Luncheon” from 11:30 AM — to 12:30 PM.


Next Sunday, September 22, we will have the special opportunity again to contribute to this very special cause to help them distribute more Bibles! We want everyone to get The Bible!


Mission Cambodia News: August 2019 (Part Two)

Please pray for the Welches and the work of the Gospel in Cambodia. For the elders, Ken D

Praise & Thanksgiving…

We are thankful for the ongoing opportunities we have for coaching and mentoring others, in our community, our networks and in the church through our everyday activities.

Dennis continues to meet with some of the graduates of the Cambodia Bible Institute (CBI) for mutual encouragement and planning.

We praise God for deeper connections with people.

Family weekend outing to a beautiful national park

Sreypov (a.k.a. Babydog) celebrated her 8th birthday in Christ this week. We’re praising God for the faith of these young women that God has placed in our care.

We were blessed to attend the first ever 12th Grade graduation ceremony of Peace International School where our beloved Andrew and Natalie Hayes, Kyle Hooper and Vanna No, our former SNACK manager and evangelist serve. Sharon helped Natalie setup the library for which some of you contributed.

The end of July and early August we were once again blessed to attend the Asian Mission Forum (AMF) held in Cebu, Philippians. This year’s theme was “Evangelizing Our Cities Together.” It was a special time of spiritual renewal, sharing and bonding with old friends and new. It’s wonderful to hear how God is active in other parts of Asia and using His servants. Look up “Asian Mission Forum” on Facebook for photos and videos of the event.

Thank you for praying with us…

Please join us in prayer for our dear friends Andrew & Natalie Hayes as they transition back to the States after 12 years serving in Cambodia

God is always busy doing great things. Our brother Veasna Tol, teacher and translator for CBI has transitioned out of his work with the school. Veasna and his family have moved to his wife’s village to plant a church. We praise God for them and ask you to please remember them in your prayers.

We ask for your prayers for wisdom and guidance as we pray and prepare for what’s next and new on the horizon in our ministry. We love Cambodia and give thanks for what is next. It’s exciting to consider the possibilities and see how God will continue to use us.

We miss seeing you and your smiling faces and look forward to the next time we get to visit with you. Thank you for faithfully walking with us and remembering us in prayer. We pray the Lord continues to bless you richly.

Lots of love to you all!

Dennis and Sharon

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