Eastern European Missions Special Contribution

Today, Sunday, September 22nd, we have the privilege, with a generous contribution, to join with Eastern European Missions to provide Bibles to those countries in Eastern Europe who are hungry for the Word of God and, who have learned from past historic experiences, that the answers to life’s difficulties are found in God’s Holy Word, the Bible. We will collect during our morning contribution.

Bibles in Public Schools
―The Impossible Dream‖– giving the Bible to people in their own language – is what EEM founding team member and missionary Gwen Hensley told his wife his mission would be after witnessing the emptiness and despair of the people of Eastern Europe, his first years in the mission field during the cold war. But Hensley knew then, as EEM knows now, that with God all things are possible. More than seven years have passed since EEM received its first request from educators in Ukraine to place, in public schools, Bibles and EEM’s literature for teaching biblical morals and principles. This decision to bring God back into education and the lives of children is proving to be one of the most revolutionary actions for this generation and generations to come.

Bibles for Refugees
When EEM received its first ever request for a few thousand Bibles in Arabic and Farsi in November 2015, we never imagined the scope of what God was planning behind the scenes. Although Eastern European countries and their respective languages have been EEM’s primary focus since 1961, that was no stumbling block for God’s sovereign plan to use EEM and other ministry partners to bring His salvation to a people group that has never known the true love of GOD.

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