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Welcome to Today’s Guest Speaker!
Today, Sunday, August 25th,we welcome Kirk Eason who is the SABC-USA Director of Development for Southern Africa Bible College, Benoni State, South Africa. He will give a report about that work, which we support, in the combined Bible class (auditorium) and he will also preach. We are looking forward to what he will share with us.

FELLOWSHIP MEAL. . . today, Sunday, August 25th at noon!
Please join us.
Hosts and hostesses are: Pat DeVore, Linda Lively, Linda Robertson and Bob & Doris Foster.

Please Join Us for Lunch!
What: Brenda Miller & Nancy Hankins will serve a meal of soup, salad, crackers, cookies, tea for lunch.
When: Wednesday August 28, 11:30-12:30.
Where: church kitchen/fellowship hall.
Why: You can help us in an outreach to feed, befriend, pray for, and eventually share the gospel with those in our community, especially those in need.
How: Soup meal is prepared, and preacher or designated elder blesses the food. We serve our guests, sit and eat with them, visit, and encourage them to fill out prayer request forms, indicating how we can pray for them.



African Evangelism Mission – Nigerians to Kenya

Our brethren in Nigeria helping brethren in Kenya; please pray for this work we help support. These are exciting times. Praise God. For the elders, Ken D


Africa evangelism mission AEM is a group of preachers who are committed to dealing with leadership issues and building capacity in church leaders to strengthen their output to the glory of God. I am the leader of the Team and in the team we have Abiodun Adegoroye, Osita Onuora, and Bassey Esang.

We made our first debut in Swaziland in 2018 and the impact of that mission is still being felt till today. In 2019, we got an invitation from the Nairobi Church of Christ, Eastleigh to come and share leadership thoughts with them. We left Nigeria on the 1st of August and returned on the 12th to the glory of God.

The evangelism team with their Kenyan host family

During this period of time, we worked in the following areas in Kenya:

2nd, 3rd and 4th August Eastliegh congregation. We spent 2 days here teaching the students of Kenya premier Bible College. We worshipped with the church meeting at Eastliegh in Nairobi.

Nairobi church of Christ Eastleigh, Kenya

5th 6th and 7th August Kissi and Rongo County. Bro Ebenezer Udofia of Healing Hands International took us to Kissi and Rongo for rural evangelism. There we met with some locals who were delighted to learn from us. His organization believes that teaching people how to grow food and survive will give them the opportunity of listening to the gospel. We tested it and it worked perfectly.

8th Nairobi great Commission School and sightseeing. Here we took time off to visit with the Nairobi Great Commission School and visit the Elephant Park.

9th, 10th and 11th August – Meru School of Theology. In Meru, we had the privilege of speaking to preachers of over 100 congregations on leadership skills and contemporary issues around the family.

We had printed all our lessons into a book which was shared amongst the participants. One thing stood out clear, the brethren in Kenya wanted us to make another trip back to continue with our training. For us it was indeed a huge opportunity to be found useful. We look forward to more opportunities to serve especially that we are African speaking to Africans.

One major thing we found out in Kenya worthy of note is the allowing of women to lead in songs during worship on the ground that they have good voices. Some congregations take tithes and the preachers are referred to as pastors. In some area, dancing and clapping during worship is normal. We had to touch on those areas and right there we started to notice them change in the last Sunday we worshiped with them.

We are planning another mission work to Nairobi, Mombassa in Kenya and Arusha in Tanzania by early next year.

God bless you Mike Udam

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