On Wednesday, July 17th, Henry mailed 576 lessons to the students we are teaching in Nigeria. We thank Henry for his diligent work.
Wednesday Evening Summer Series (for July/August)
July 31 — Singing
August 7 — Ken Darnell
August 14 — Ken Darnell
August 21 — Troy Futrell
August 28 — Singing

FELLOWSHIP MEAL………………..today, Sunday, July 28th, at Noon!
Hosts and hostesses are: Bill & Mary K. Flanary, Kathy Patterson and Joe & Teri

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Nigerian Gospel Newsletter Part 1

April – June 2019

What follows is part one of a report of evangelical work in Nigeria that we help support. Please keep this work in your thoughts and prayers. For the elders, Ken D

Ugbogbo Community Outreach
One of the good things that is happening to our worship services which has blessed our outreach is a regular stream of visitors to church. These
visitors are coming from the various phases of our Community Outreaches: – The Monthly evangelism; Ladies’ Bibles classes, Youth activities,
Visitations and Tracts distributions. This time my Sandra added yet a new dimension to our outreach. She started a ”Market Evangelism”. She
simply takes a bunch of tracts and books to the market each time, and shares with customers. Our markets are ‘open markets’ with population
from so many villages around. We have seen that as a catchment area for soul winning. In this quarter, a total of 14 obeyed the gospel. We had 4
new babies born by Ugbogbo women in the quarter!

The Print Ministry
A] Highlights of The Outreach Print Ministry for The Quarter
God has blessed our efforts in this quarter with more funds and thus we have produced and shipped more tracts to places than ever:
v 520,000 – Total number of tracts printed
v 497,500 – Total number of tracts used
v 22,500- Total number of tracts unused
v 204- Total number of shipments made in the quarter
v 46- total number of converts recorded in the quarter
v One new congregation started
Because we received an additional [anonymous] donation of $1,000, we were also able to pay off what we owed in the past two previous quarters.
Now we have a positive cash balance of N70,950. This has not happened in the past two years! We are truly thankful for the opportunities to serve
in the kingdom’s work in Nigeria, and Africa

B] Book Production
In this quarter, we have been blessed with funds to produce two new books and one reprint:
i. 3000- Copies of the new book- The Message of Salvation
ii. 3000- Copies of the new book- – Trials, Troubles and Afflictions in Christianity
iii. 2000 Copies of reprint of the book:- Visitors’ Handbook
Therefore we have been blessed with a total of 8,000 books in addition to the plenty of tracts we were able to produce. And these have been of great value to the work of evangelism in
Nigeria as these good gospel materials are being shipped to many places all over Nigeria to enhance the work of Christ.

Reports From:
Sylvester A Imogoh
Minister: Ugbogbo church of Christ, Igarra

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