As was stated in last week’s bulletin, the Continue to remember list will be updated monthly and therefore be much shorter. Please cut out that list ever so often for your own personal prayer time. Continue to call, email, give a note to Helga for all your prayer needs and they will go into the appropriate list for the designated length of time.
Thank you for your much appreciated cooperation! ~~ Helga

Cooper Atkeson and his family, whom we helped support at Sunset, graduated last month. They have moved to Kerrville, TX, where Cooper is now the family and worship minister at Riverside Church of Christ.

We now have the correct address for former members: Bobby & Donna Feuerbacher. Their new address is available from this week’s bulletin or the church office.

Thank you for your prayers for Crystal, Patti Loffler’s caregiver. She is doing much better.
God bless you all!
In Christian love,
Barry & Judy Womack

Have you visited our church library lately?
Good Books for information, learning, and growth!

Today, we are saying “So Long” to Christina Pipes! Tina, we are wishing you a happy transition to your new home with your daughter in Houston! Our prayers are going with you on your drive to this new destination and for a smooth adjustment. We will miss you, but hope that you will come and visit with us ever so often. Tina’s new address is available from this week’s bulletin or the church office.

Needs – Plastic bags, shampoo, bath soap, toothpaste
Thank you!

We Were Electronically Invaded!
Last week, the church office received a number of unauthorized emails. The ever alert “mail-daemon” stopped those and let us not open them. But, after that, under the church’s “secretaryhlcoc.com”, spam mails went out to some/many of our members. Subject line was: “re: documents”. Some of our members were puzzled about this, and rightfully so! This problem has been fixed, but should, at any time, something similar happen, please, let Helga know and it will be resolved.


Cherokee Home for Children

We have been blessed for many years to help provide children a safe and nurturing Christian home often during times of family crisis by supporting Cherokee Home for Children. This spring we took a special collection to help provide for those children. The following is response to the contribution. Continue to pray for all involved in the needed work at Cherokee Home. For the elders, Ken D

Dear Brethren,
You make it possible for dreams to come true!
Today I am thinking fondly about a recent Cherokee Home graduate. Her early years were a struggle, to say the least! She virtually never sat down to eat a full meal prepared by a doting mother. Instead she would piece together concoctions for herself and her sister from whatever she could find – often Ramen noodles with whatever she could find a mix in. We delighted in having this young lady to our home to help my wife, Janice, prepare a meal and enjoy it with us. Her joy and appreciation during these meal times made our hearts melt.
She recently sent me a text in response to a question I asked her about her memories here. “Oh, the pantry was like a toy store; we all wanted to go and see what was there! If I wanted to cook, I had the resources. Finding food was never a concern for me again.” This young lady is now getting a Christian education and should never have to worry about where her meals will come from again. Thank you for making dreams come true with your gift to our 2019 Cherokee day fund last month.
You all are changing lives all over this area!

Thank you!
For His sake and the children’s
Shawn Hull,
Executive Director
Cherokee Home

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