The Team, led by Cary & Brenda Miller, will meet on Wednesday, June 12th, at 6:30 pm in the library for their assignments.

Dear Church Family,
Thank you for the calls and texts and cards following Dale’s accident. We are grateful and are very blessed! He is doing fine.
In His love,
Valerie & Dale Cook

It is with heartfelt regret that I am leaving such a wonderful, loving and caring church family. The beautiful afghan presented to me is truly appreciated.
I will always remember the love given to me and my family in this truly caring church home.
Christina Pipes

Needs Plastic bags, shampoo, deodorant, bath soap
Thank you!

This afternoon, our first group of campers will be taken by parents/grandparents to the Heart of Texas Bible Camp in Brady, TX. They will be staying there until Friday. It will be a wonderful week for those campers, a week of gaining new Bible knowledge; they will enjoy physical activities and the fun of making new friends and having great, wholesome fellowship.
Let’s all pray for everyone, on their trips to and from camp, for health and safety during the week, for all the teachers, cooks and all who will be involved in this good work.




God has given us yet another quarter full of wonderful opportunities for services in His kingdom! From all our activities which includes- Monthly evangelism, youth ministry, prayers and fasting, visitations and ladies’ activities, House Fellowship, we recorded a total of 29 converts in the quarter!! We are still struggling with the challenges of space for our classrooms for Bible studies. We are grateful to God for the many opportunities to serve in different ways.

Print Ministry.
Our Outreach Print Ministry [OPM] has continued to grow with many positive impacts in the overall work of God in Nigeria. Our tracts and books are being used for Evangelism, seminars, workshops, Bible study classes, in Prison ministries and campus churches. So many preachers are able to adapt and use them for Sunday Schools and for sermons. There are not many other opportunities where to get gospel materials in Nigeria. We are most grateful to everyone who has contributed funds to help us continue this good work.

Reports for OPM for The Quarter
• 400,000 – Total number of tracts printed and used in the quarter
• 196 – Total number of shipments of tracts made in the quarter
• 68 – Total number of converts recorded in the quarter from places where the tracts are used. 29 of these were recorded here at Ugbogbo. [Because of ignorance and poor communication, we know that we do not receive even half of the reports from everyone who uses our materials. In other words, we believe that there are many more good results that we do not get to hear of]
• 2 New congregations were started in the quarter. The first was in Abi in Cross River state on Sunday January 27th. And the other was in Nsukka in Enugu on February 10th.
• The tracts and books were used in very many places in conjunction with other outreach media such as in Campuses, Christian schools, in rural campaigns and bus evangelism.
• Tracts and books have been used massively in the evangelism efforts in the Cameroon Refugees camp in Ogoja in Cross River State. My coworker there reports that we now have more than 60 families of our brethren from Cameroon in the one camp alone. Some of these Cameroonian brethren were preachers back in Cameroon and as such they have teamed up with our local brethren for aggressive evangelism in the camp Communities. The tracts and books we are sending have been a great pillar for that good work. The Cameroon brethren also need FOOD. Please send any help for their feeding to Chad Wagner to forward to me. And we need to print more tracts and books for them as well.
• In Enugu state, our brother Herbert Chukwu has used plenty of tracts in the ‘Mabanbo Mission’- where he and his coworkers across the state operate an outreach ministry that cuts across several counties. Herbert is a tireless worker in the Kingdom who had worked with Doug Wheeler and I for many years in the past. He tells me he is now depending on me entirely for supply of tracts for their work in Enugu state. If not for the high cost of paper, there are many good things to be done through the Print for the good of the church in Nigeria. Please help when you can.

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