Next Wednesday, April 24th, marks the last Ladies Bible class before summer. After class, the ladies will go to Mr. Gattis for a luncheon. If you were not able to attend Ladies class up to now, but are free that morning around 11:30 or so, you are invited to join the group. The Ladies Bible Study will start up again in the fall after the summer break.

Join us next Sunday, April 28th after morning worship assembly. Hosts and hostesses will be: Tanya Arnold, Guy & Charlotte Hastings, Don & JoAnn Hollums, Linda Lively and Christina Pipes.

The Cherokee Home for Children is looking for an accountant/bookkeeper. Salary is competitive and benefits are great. The Home is looking for a dedicated Christian who has accountant/bookkeeping experience, a reputation for being detail-oriented, able and willing to learn, and has a strong commitment for the mission of the Home. Contact information is available from the church office.

Needs are Plastic bags, toothpaste, bar soap
Thanks for your support of this ministry of the congregation.

Barbara J. Donahue, grandmother of Sharon Winnett, passed away on Saturday, April 13th, at Waldrope-Hatfield-Hawthorne Funeral chapel in Kingsland. Interment will be at Fort Mitchell National Cemetery in Fort Mitchell, Alabama, on Tuesday April 23rd.

Joyce Whities, aunt of Vicky Williams, passed away on April 14th. She lived in Stephenville, Texas, and was very involved in bettering that community. Funeral services were held at Stephenville Funeral Chapel on Friday, April 19th, and burial following at Huckabay Cemetery.

Our heartfelt prayers, love and condolences go out to all the Donahue and Whites families, especially to Sharon Winnett (Donahue) and Vicky Williams (Whities).

To our brothers and sisters of the Highland Lakes church of Christ. We want to thank you so very much for the food, the many wonderful cards, and the visits with which you have blessed us. Thanks for the wonderful Birthday celebration last Sunday. We love you all dearly and feel your love for us. Sincerely Yours, Phil & Loma Parmer


India Evangelism

We have, as a congregation, supported in a small way for many years a gospel effort in the nation of India called India Evangelism overseen by the West Freeway church in Fort Worth. We only hear about this work infrequently as the work is difficult. This article is written by a native minister Bontha Esudas supported by the Granbury, TX congregation and discusses the difficulties the church has in India. Pray for the work of the gospel there and the faith of Indian brethren. For the elders, Ken D

Challenges we are facing

India is a Hindu dominated country. You can see it in the statistics. The population is 80.5% Hindus. Most of the leaders are Hindus and rule the government. They pass Government Orders requiring Hindus to get the votes in their elections. You can see the pictures of Hindu Gods in all of the Government offices. The leaders go to Hindu Temples and give offerings to the Hindu Gods. It is usually published in all the leading newspapers in India. Because of that all of the Hindus know that their leaders favor Hinduism.

We have a big temple in India. It is called the Tirupati. Hindus worship three gods. They are Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara. In my district they used to worship Venkateswara. After the elections every minister will visit Tirupathy and offer their gifts to him. Even the Indian president used to come to Tirupathy and bowed before Venkateswara and vowed that he will protect Hindus.

The Caste system in India: I would like to share few words about cast system in India. This caste system is written in the Hindu Holy book RUG VEDA. It teaches that all of the people originated from the Body of Brahma, claiming him as the creator.

There are 4 main casts in India. Brahmans,(Hindu priest) Kshatriya,(kings) Vysya(business people) Sudra. They believe Brahmans originated from the Head of Brahma, Kshtrivas from the shoulders, Vysyas from thighs of Brahma and the Sudras from his feet. So because of that all of the Sudras are treated as lower class citizens. They live in outskirts of the cities in villages. Most of the Christians or denominational people belong to the cast of Sudra.

Poverty is a way of life in India. Because of their caste, the Sudras are looked down upon. They get the lowest paying jobs and live in the poorest areas. Medical attention is expensive and difficult. Poverty is prevalent among them. Receiving little or no education, the majority are illiterate being unable even to read a Bible. There is little hope with the present circumstances that many of them will ever be able to rise above the caste system and improve their standard of living to any great degree.

The Hindus have a project called Dalitha Govindam. The higher caste Hindu priests and other Hindu leaders will come to areas where Christians live and they will sit in the streets with the people and eat the food and try to convert them to Hinduism. It is notable that they will bring their food and water but they will sit on separate mats keeping a distance from the Sudras.

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