Needs – Plastic bags, tooth paste, bath soap, deodorant, shampoo. Thank you!


Last Sunday (April 7th) we had this special Fellowship to honor Phil Parmer on his 100th birthday!

A number of his relatives had come and many in our congregation attended. It was an enjoyable occasion. Our best wishes continue to you, Phil, and we know that God’s greatest blessings are still with you as you continue your journey here on earth.


Here is more good news from our brethren in Africa working with the Gospel Chariot in spreading the Good News of Jesus. We are thankful to support this work financially and want to support it in prayer. For the elders, Ken D

Hi Everyone,

Hope this finds you doing well. Here we are one quarter of the year gone already. This is our 1st quarter West African chariot update for 2019. West Africa is doing extremely well considering it is the most Muslim populated of all our areas we work in and we need to thank the West African brethren for their part in this effort. We have 5 gospel chariots in the region and that being Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Benin and the Liberian chariot that is now being upgraded to a big Liberian chariot. The good news is that the funds for the new big Liberian chariot have been raised and that the new truck has been ordered and the body is now being manufactured for the chariot. We want to thank all who made this happen. See pictures of this under Liberia.

On a sad note, we had a faithful brother, brother Kofi Tawiah, who lost his life in an accident. He was working with the Ghana Gospel Chariot in Ghana, riding a motor bike on his way to the evening gospel meeting. He was the brother hosting the gospel chariot in his region. Our condolences go out to the families involved.

The Nigerian chariot is only now just over one year old and it is reaching out wonderfully and hundreds have come to know Jesus. The Nigerian brethren are buying more and more into it, as you can see the way they get banners made and promote the meetings before the chariot arrives in the area, but one of the strong areas of their outreach is the way many of the congregations use World Bible School. See all the many pictures of the meetings and God Bless Nigeria.

Here is what Brother Biodun Owolabi reported from Nigeria: Since February 19, 2019, the Nigeria Gospel Chariot has been traversing the nooks and crannies of Ogun West District of Southwestern Nigeria with the unadulterated gospel of Christ. Communities covered during the outreach include: Alapoti, Aferiko, Idi-iroko, Ado-odo, Owode-yewa, Lusada, Iju-ota, Obere, Ijoko-ota, Owode-Titun, Iyana Ilogbo, Abule- iroko, Ewupe, Olugba, Ota, Iyana Iyesi, Igbesa, Atan-ota, amongst several others.

Between March 7 – 8, the chariot took time to work with COC Igbein, Abeokuta, to evangelize Mawuko, a community within the neighborhood of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Hundreds of souls were reached with the saving gospel, thousands of WBS materials distributed and several souls obeyed the gospel. The campaign continues till the end of March. Brother Biodun also reported: The Nigeria Gospel Chariot is at work at the annual WBS Great Workshop at Mbaise, Imo State, South East of Nigeria.

To God be the Glory.

In Him; Love

Brother George Funk

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