Sunday, April 7th after AM Worship. Hosts & hostesses: Bob & Doris Foster, Troy & Leana Futrell and Sheri & David Zoller. No PM Service.

The group that enjoys eating out together will meet on Thursday, April 11th, at about 5:30 PM, at Gio’s Italian Restaurant in Llano.

Meet at the building at 9:00 AM to participate in several (and mainly) painting and minor construction projects. A sign-up sheet is on the table in the rear of the auditorium.

Needs Tooth paste, bath soap, deodorant
Thank you!

Gene Hunter, brother-in-law of Thelma Thuleen. the husband of her sister, Betty, passed away on Thursday, March 28th , in San Antonio. Gene and Betty used to visit our congregation many times, since they had a place on the lake. Funeral services took place on Tuesday, April 2nd, in San Antonio.
Our sympathy, prayers and love are extended to Thelma & Ken and to all in the family and to all friends.

The Team, led by Cary & Brenda Miller, will meet on Wednesday, April 10th, at 6:30 pm in the library for their assignments.

The “Bug-man” will be at our building on Friday, April 12. It is always best to not come to the building on that day.


Southern Africa Bible College started its 53 year of equipping Christians for leadership in Southern Africa. With over 1,500 graduates sharing the Gospel around the world, we have high hopes for all the incoming First year students. We are thankful to help support a student at SABC and want us all to continue to pray for this good work. For the elders, Ken D

Friends of SABC Trip Report 2019
There were five goals for the 2019 trip. They were as follows:
1) Encourage the Church.
2) Learn more about the college and its impact
3)Teach Bible teachers of all ages
4) Serve the college through physical labor
5) Experience

Thirteen people left for South Africa on March 7 and return on March 19. They were, Philip Bailey, Charris Powers, Jonathon Montgomery, and Kirk and Christie Eason from the Memorial Church of Christ in Houston, Texas. Andrew and Amy LaMore from the Pleasanton Church of Christ in Pleasanton, Texas; Diane Walls from the McArthur Park Church of Christ in San Antonio, Texas; Sharon Jackson, Luther and Evelyn Baker from the East Side Church of Christ in Austin, Texas; and Luke Carter from the Nampa Church of Christ in Nampa, Idaho.

To accomplish the first two goals we lived on campus with the students, visited with graduates, and attended congregations where our graduates lead. We interacted with them and learned about their lives, goals, and plans for future service The first Saturday we were there we held a Bible teachers’ workshop in conjunction with the college. Over 120 people from area congregations attended. Classes were offered that helped teachers of cradle roll up through men and women.

We also provided service that only a large group could do. Some worked in the library to help organize while others prepped surfaces to be painted. This was a great benefit to the college and helped speed up some long-term goals. Finally, to experience the beauty of South Africa, we went on an overnight safari and to the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town. The trip was a great encouragement to the staff, students, and alumni of SABC and to the group who went. We are already making plans for next year’s trip.

Prayer List for 2019:
1) SABC Students who are sacrificing much to prepare for ministry.
2) SABC Graduates who are working hard to evangelize in communities around South Africa.
3) SABC Staff as they continue to grow in their ability to equip the students.
4) The continued growth of financial support in both South Africa and the US.
5) The Bible teachers in South Africa who can be overwhelmed by the number of children
who are attending their classes.
6) The South African economy as they deal with a financial slowdown.

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