Dear Brethren, Thank you so much for the lovely card you sent me after my father passed away. I loved each and every signature…each was like a hug. I love you all and appreciate your thoughtfulness. It was wonderful to be home w/siblings and mom. I have many memories to cherish of my Dad. I will find great comfort in that and God always provides. Love, Diane Wheeler P.S. Doug is doing so much better. The Dr. gave him an A+ on is recovery and now we have the left hip on April 15th.

To: Highland Lakes Church of Christ: We want to thank everyone for the afghan and the cash. Also thanks for the delicious food. It was good to share the party with the newlyweds. We will miss everyone and we pray that the Lord’s church will grow in Kingsland. In Christian Love, Bobby and Donna Feuerbacher.


Linda Robertson’s best friend, Beverly Martin, passed away on Wednesday, March 20th in Alamogordo, NM. She had been seriously ill for quite some time.  Our love, prayers and condolences our going out to Linda for her loss, and special prayers are requested for the family.


The “Bug-man” will be at our building on Friday, April 12. It is always best to not come to the building on that day.


Meet at the building at 9:00 AM to participate in several painting and minor construction projects. A sign-up sheet is on the table in the rear of the auditorium. — Cary


Needs – Plastic bags, Bath soap, shampoo. Thank you for all your support to this important ministry of the congregation.


On Sunday, April 7th will be a great time for good food and fellowship. Hosts & hostesses: Bob & Doris Foster, Troy & Leana Futrell and Sheri & David Zoller. Hope we all are planning to attend!


Join the group that enjoys eating out together which will meet on Thursday, April 11th, at about 5:30 PM, at Gio’s Italian Restaurant in Llano.


We are looking forward to seeing our brother Richard Emperado and his family when they visit us from the Philippines in May. What follows is part of Richard’s latest report. Keep the Philippine work in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D

The Seyer Training Center and Bible classes are going good. Three of our new automotive students, who were not Christians, have been baptized. We are thankful for our partners who support the Seyer Training Center vocational training program in Houston and in Enid, Ok. We are also thankful for the Highlands Lake church of Christ in Kingsland, TX who supports the Bible program and teachers we have added the past two years for our students.

Our students learn vocational & Bible skills, so they can be more thoroughly equipped to serve God. The classes will continue while we are in the states. We will have graduation after we return in June. March is also a busy month for graduates. We have two this month. One of our orphans we help living with us, Jenly Dolino, graduated with honors yesterday from high school. We will be hopefully helping her attend college in Bais, Negros at Negros Oriental State University. She wants to study criminology and become a policewoman. The other graduate is Rodelyn Romero, a former Seyer Training Center student from the sewing center. She graduated yesterday as well from Negros College with a degree in education. She has been teaching sewing classes on Saturday off and on for us, while attending college and teaching sewing during summer breaks. She will be reviewing for her board exams later this year. Please pray for Riselle & Juneval Dolino, who will be taking their board licensure exams for education this weekend. I have so much more from my heart to share.

Lord willing, we will see you all soon. I would love to speak in your congregations if you give me a chance. There is so much more to share about the works we are involved in across the Philippines. Thank you so much for all the love & support you all share with our work & my family. We have the best partners in Christ, and we are grateful! Much love, Richard, Becky, & kids

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