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Thank you!


. . . for all the cards and best wishes from my church family! I have enjoyed getting and reading them.  God bless you all in the coming year!”  In Him, Salvador San Tillan




What follows is a summary of Nigerian preacher Mike Udam’s work. We are thankful to help support him. Please keep Mike and the work in Nigeria in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D

Dearly beloved,

I write today to share with you a summary of my work for 2018 and a work plan for 2019. God has been faithful and has used me to do work in his vineyard. I am excited that I was found useful by him and that he gave me strength to work and grace to carry on.

miketodayBetween January and December this year, the congregation that I work with recorded significant growth. We recorded 13 baptisms and one disfellowship. Even the brother disfellowshipped is struggling to clean himself and return to the fold. I made a total of 17 trips out of my congregation to speak at lectureships, seminars, retreats and evangelism outreach around the country. I made one international trip to Swaziland for mission work. It was a great opportunity to go teach people and strengthen the church outside your country. In August this year, I took my usually one-week free ICT training for preachers in my area to Abuja where most of the preachers in the Federal Capital of Nigeria were trained free on how to use ICT in building themselves up and developing the church.

During our 2018 annual Fellowship (evangelism, lectureship and devotion) in November, the Ukpagada congregation established a new congregation at Ukpe, a village I drive through to get to Ukpagada. A man in that village stopped me and demanded that I come and preach that gospel that has changed the Ukpagada people. During the Open air preaching, 7 souls obeyed the gospel. As at today the church is having 12 baptized brethren and 11 faithful souls. I have been assisting there for the past three weeks.

[001986]Yesterday 22nd of December, we organized our yearly couple’s retreat where 37 couples gathered and learnt skills in dealing with conflicts in their marriages. My World Bible School activities also recorded huge success. My team and I recorded huge enrollment this year. As at today I have over 300 students I am currently doing follow up on. Most are doing advance courses now and hopefully we will soon see real New Testament conversion.

As my contribution to the growth of the church in Nigeria, one new book THINK DEEP from my hand shall be out of the press next week and shall be shared amongst preachers during the 2019 Great Workshop. Two personal achievements for the year include the completion of my master’s degree in Educational Technology and my admission into Darrell Memorial Bible Institute Obudu to do a degree with Sunset International Bible Institute Texas. My challenges are very few. Bad roads, long trips on those bad roads, heavy wear and tear on my car leading to high maintenance cost. I change my tires once a year and work on my suspensions every two months. It is tough but the work must be done especially if you are seeing result.

2019 plan: If the Lord wills, it is my desire to do mission trip to Kenya or Uganda for 10 days in August. If the Lord wills, it is my desire to organize my one week free ICT training for preachers in Lagos. If the Lord wills, it is my desire to lead the church to stabilize the new congregation started at Ukpe. It is my desire that you put me in your support spiritually and materially also.

God bless you

Mike Udam

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