 Visiting those in need.
 Maintaining our lawn and shrubs.
 See Cary Miller.

Needs Shampoo, toothbrushes, tooth paste, deodorant
Thank you!

Set your clocks back on Sunday, November 4th

. . . the “Continue to Remember” list and the “In The Military” list periodically, updates are very important! If you think that your name or the name of a loved one needs to be removed (or added), please let the secretary (Helga) know! And as always, a written note or an e-mail is best.
Please cut out the “Continue to Remember…” list for your own prayer sessions. We need to reduce this list; of course, continued prayers are very important.
Your help is very, very much appreciated!

Another mission work our congregation is blessed to be part of is the work in the Philippines with Richard & Becky Emperado and their family. What follows is a recent portion of a report on their work. Keep them, their work and the people of the Philippine in your prayers. For the elders, Ken D
MOSES team and church planting…
I have been traveling the past two months to Guimares, Isabela, and Batangas to visit churches. This Sunday, I am invited to speak at the Baybay church on their 14th anniversary. The MOSES team, along with North Garland and Sugargrove churches planted this church 14 years ago. Baybay church is one of most successful churches planted, they have their own building, elders, and are fully registered and recognized by the Philippine government (that is a long and tedious process here, very few churches of Christ are registered, and Brother Hansel did a great job in handling all the paperwork). The Baybay church has also been involved in helping us plant several other new churches in the surrounding Visayas region, and they have an ongoing outreach effort to Leyte State College that is located nearby. We hope to be able to plant another church next year. Our latest church plant took place last July in Jordan, Guimares with the help of funds and a team from our sponsoring church, Austin Avenue church of Christ, in Brownwood, TX.
img_5219We truly appreciate all the churches and individual Christians in the States who have generously provided funds and manpower to help plant churches in capital cities over the past 20 years. We only have three more capital cities to reach. The cities are San Jose, Antique; Bontoc, Mountain Province; and Basco, Batannes. The Boerne church of Christ has just sent us funds this month that we plan to set aside to use to help plant the church in San Jose, Antique, next year (first quarter). We have enough funds for the initial church planting and covering the rental of a place to worship, but we need to find another church or individuals who can help with church nurturing & development funds needed to leave two young workers behind, each of them need $300 a month for living expenses, so we need a total of $600 a month, starting next January 2019. Most of the young workers we trained in our Seyer and S.O.N.E. programs. After the church planting in January 2019, my family and I will begin to make plans for our furlough, the end of March until the first of June. While on furlough, we hope to find another sponsor to plant the church in Bontoc, Mountain Province the last quarter of 2019. Then by 2020, we can plant the last church in Basco, Batannes.


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