Either God exists or He does not—there is no middle ground. Any attempt to remain neutral on the question is just another form of unbelief. If God exists, that is the most important fact in the universe. If He does not — nothing else in the universe really matters at all!
The Bible pictures God as much more than some abstract force or universal spirit. The Scriptures present God as a distinct all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful personality! (Psalm 139:4-14). He is above us, around us, before us, behind us, beneath us, in us and with us!

The evidence for such a God is everywhere.

He has left His fingerprints on the universe . . .



1)THE THEOLOGICAL ARGUMENT: THE HUMAN ABILITY TO THINK OF GOD. If there is no God and humans are only graduated beasts, where did the idea of God come from? There is an instinctive perception of God hard-wired into human consciousness—a kind of divine fingerprint on the soul! (Romans 1:21-28). As the wisest man of the ages expressed it: “God has placed eternity in our heart” (Ecclesiastes 3:11).
2) THE COSMOLOGICAL ARGUMENT: THE EXISTENCE OF THE UNIVERSE. Where did the world come from? There are only four possibilities: (1) The universe is an illusion which does not really exist—which is obviously absurd! (2) The universe suddenly appeared out of nothing—which is scientifically on shaky ground and flawed. Material cannot create itself. (3.) The universe is eternal and has always been here—which again is contrary to scientific observation. The earth is wearing out, resources are being depleted, the sun is cooling off, the stars are burning out! (4.) It was created! The force with power to create the cosmos must be God! Only an infinite, independent, eternal Mind could have created our finite, dependent, transient universe. God has left His fingerprints stamped on every planet and every petal of every flower!
3) THE ONTOLOGICAL ARGUMENT: THE HUMAN AWARENESS OF RIGHT AND WRONG. There is a sense of “oughtness” in all of us—a conscience. Deeply etched into the human soul is the knowledge that right and wrong exists. Man’s moral sense may become perverted; he may not always do right; but he instinctively knows that there is such a thing as “right”! Morality does not spring from nature. It can only be derived from God! There is a “law written in our heart” — a pulpit within — to which our conscience bears witness (Romans 2:15). Only God could have placed it there!


A musician read of a scientist who said, “We have searched the universe and find no God.” The musician replied. “I have taken my violin apart and I have examined each piece under a microscope, and I could find no music.” To some God is discoverable nowhere; to others He is everywhere.

— Bobby Dockery, Fayetteville, Arkansas

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