The group that enjoys eating out together will meet on Thursday, October 11th, at about 5 — 5:30 PM, at the River City Grill in Marble Falls.

. . . the “Continue to Remember” list and the “In The Military” list periodically, updates are very important! If you think that your name or the name of a loved one needs to be removed (or added), please let the secretary (Helga) know! And as always, a written note or an e-mail is best.
This is very important! Please cut out the “Continue to Remember…” list for your own prayer sessions. We need to reduce this list; of course, continued prayers are very important.
Your help is very, very much appreciated!

 Visiting those in need.
 Maintaining our lawn and shrubs.
 See Cary Miller.

Salvador San Tillan is ready every Sunday morning to teach a Bible class in Spanish. This is a worthy endeavor. Do you have friends who would benefit from this Spanish Bible study? Let them know about it by giving them a warm, personal invitation. Those who already come, make them feel welcome and at home in our fellowship.

We will have a workday on Saturday, October 20 from 9 AM to 12 PM. The focus will be a number of painting projects. Please put this on your calendar.

Needs are Plastic bags, bath soap, shampoo, tooth paste
Thank you!

Last week, 1,995 lessons were processed and shipped to the students we are teaching. Thanks to all who work constantly and diligently on this good program!


human-footprints_318-46627BEAUTIFUL FOOTNOTES
Our congregation has been blessed to help share the Gospel in many ways and places. Over the last several years we have helped support Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock with their Solar Player Ministry putting a fantastic technological Bible resource into the hands of Christians in many places around the world. Read about exciting updates from the Solar Mission as they continue to ‘Send Out the Light’ and keep this work in your prayers.  For the elders, Ken D

mailPlease rejoice with us as we celebrate a significant milestone in the Solar Mission. This summer the 10,000th solar player was placed in the hands of Ed-Mark Delacion, in the Philippines. Ed-Mark is a young professional, living in Manila who plans to use his solar player to establish a church in his home village. He also has a second solar player to help him continue to study while he is working in Manila. When he returns to the village, the studies can be deeper and more beneficial, as the young Christians grow in their knowledge and depth of insight.

Training a New Generation
One of the goals of the Solar Mission in the Philippines is to help train the younger generation. Filipino leaders have expressed the need to provide a deeper biblical knowledge to the younger generation who are growing more and more in the Philippines. Jay Dee (pictured below with his friend, Ed-Mark) has been using his solar player already and confirms that the solar players help young professionals who don’t have an opportunity to attend Bible college “to participate in the mission work.” He is so happy that the solar player “is essentially a Bible school in itself.”

mail (1)

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